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Crafted to enhance Volume, Particularly for Individuals with Finer hair Textures.

Who Is Suited to Tapes?

  • If you like a method that lies flat against the scalp for enhanced comfort.

  • Those who prefer a less committed approach compared to permanent methods.

  • Someone who prefers to manage their budget and monitor the amount of hair being fitted.eone who

New to tapes? Here’s a breakdown

Tape in Hair extensions are Semi-Permanent, ideal for medium-term wear and requiring re-fitting every 6 to 8 weeks. They offer reusability and are increasingly popular due to their comfort and ease of fitting, particularly with professionals like Jack.

We offer two options: invisible (injection tape) for a root mimic effect and super flat slim-line tapes for comfortable attachment. Jack often prefers a mix of both for optimal results, ensuring a seamless blend where it's difficult to distinguish natural hair from tape hair.

Can I Try Before Commiting?

Yes, Jack, a skilled extensionist, is proficient in providing this service. He can fit a test piece for you initially, allowing you to experience wearing a tape-in hair extension firsthand. If you choose to proceed with a full fitting, we typically start with a minimum of 6 pairs.

Jack works closely with clients to achieve their desired look, ensuring the extensions are both wearable and comfortable.

Application Explained

Tape In Hair Extensions are installed in pairs, allowing some of your natural hair to sit comfortably between them. We offer a wide range of multi-tonal hair colours to ensure a perfect match.

These extensions are not only great for adding volume but can also be used to add length by incorporating additional pairs.

For clients seeking length, tape hair extensions can be reused multiple times; some clients continue to use the same hair for over a year. We carefully remove the tape hair and can refit it with new tape, extending its lifespan.

What is the Cost?

The cost of Hair extension's & the application service are prices separately giving a transparent pricing structure.

You Can also Book a Complimentary Consultation to start your Journey.

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